Sunday, September 4, 2011

Video Post - Bach, Two-Part Invention #4

JS Bach, Two-Part Invention #4 (arr Andrew Spang). Copyright 2011, Jeff Lazar. All rights reserved.

Well, lookie actual don't see me posting one of those every day! Actually, I don't post much of anything every day... Oh well.

The nice folks over at Dave Werden's forum are doing an online recital thingie for forum members--I quick signed up to do a video since clearly I'm needing a little nudge to post stuff these days. This particular Invention is one that my friend Andy and I used to hit frequently enough on our regular Saturday morning duet sessions. I moved away from Maryland three years (plus maybe two weeks) ago, so I haven't played these (or pretty much any) euph/tuba duets in quite a while. Definitely the hardest part about leaving MD--I miss my Saturday duets.

The other hard part about moving away was that I had found a community orchestra that would accept me with my meager cello talents. Now, after three years of searching, I'm actually going to sit in at an orchestra rehearsal and audition this week. I have no idea if I'm wading in way over my head (though I suspect that's the case). But whatever--the worst thing that could happen is that I humiliate myself.

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