Thursday, July 1, 2010

Audio Post - Bach, Cello Suite #2, I. Prelude

Bridge Out

The other morning I was tuning my cello, when CRUNCH!!, my bridge snapped in two. Believe me, the sudden sound of wood violently splintering is most unpleasant to the ears of any string musician (unless perhaps you play in the Who). I can feel the acid churning in my stomach just imagining that sound.

So the nice folks at Wamsley Violin will need to hold on to my cello for a week or so while they cut me a new bridge and make a few other repairs. The thought of a week without my cello is almost (though not quite) as sickening as the sound my bridge made as it exploded under the pressure of 4 almost-tuned strings. By way of compensation, I'll spend the next days quickly trying to relearn and record Bach's Second Cello Suite on euph. Here's the Prelude.

Bach, Cello Suite #2, Prelude. Copyright 2010, Jeff Lazar. All rights reserved.

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