Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Candy Man Delivers

First of all, a quick word of thanks to Neighbor-Friend-Plumber-Candy Man-and-now-Computer-Rescue-Guy, Craig, for saving the day. Buried deep among Craig's ziplock bag full of CD-R's was the highly sought, difficult to obtain XP install CD, which, after about 16 hours of false starts, allowed me to recover my un-backed-up files off my ailing laptop. There weren't too many files that I needed, but still, I was more than a little delighted to restore my WAV files and all my work files for Rochuts #12 and #13, which I feared were e-vapor. Needless to say, I'm now obsessive about backups, and my files are safely backed up in multiple locations on various media. Thanks Craig!

I've been working on getting my (sort-of) restored laptop set up as a dedicated multi-track recording station. Hopefully we'll see (hear) the fruits of that sometime soon. That, and a substantial amount of time trying to restore the machine have kept me from getting any recording done this week; however, I have still be practicing, and I hope to record and post Rochut/Bordogni #17 and #18 next week. I'm pretty close to recording my next Telemann Fantasia as well (Fantasia #2); however, I want to do a little more work on ornamentations.

Funnily enough, I recorded Fantasia #2 about eight years ago. I just listened to the recording a few seconds ago. It's not so bad. But it's not so great either. I'm looking forward to taking another crack at it and listening side by side. Not sure if I was technically a better player back in 2002. I was playing my horn quite a bit back then--I would do these nice long practice sessions, complete with Clarke Studies, lots of scales, long tones, double tonguing, triple tonguing, high-register work, low-register work, a Rochut, a Bach Cello Suite (a whole one!), some solo literature, some Arban, perhaps some Kopprasch or Blazhevich. I don't practice like that at all now. Not even close. Now, if I get in 10 minutes I feel like I had a good day. You'd think I should have been much better then. But I do have one advantage now over the 2002 me. I'm 8 years older. I feel like my musical vocabulary and my musical brain are much broader and deeper and smarter. Am I better now at 44 than I was at 36? I don't know. Even if some elements of my technique aren't what they were a few years ago, I think I'm now better able to formulate and convey a musical idea than I was back then. And really, I guess that's the goal.

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