Monday, February 8, 2010

Up Next

Three down, nine to go.

The next Fantasia I'll be recording is #6. Telemann's original key is D minor--I'll be playing Alan Raph's transcription which is in F minor.

The big story for #6 is going to be rhythm. In the second and third movements (Allegretto and Spirituoso) Telemann has some fun moving the beats around, throwing the listener (and player) off balance. I'll try to dissect that a little bit in an upcoming post.

Although the first movement is slow (Andantino) I'm going to have to spend some time in the woodshed working out some sections because I've scribbled in a few ambitious ornamentations. My fingers don't move that fast yet. The third movement presents a similar issue on a similar ornamentation. The second movement is perhaps the toughest: the combination of some up-tempo sixteenth-note runs, fairly low on the staff, in the key of F minor (4 flats) leaves me with some fairly gnarly fingerings to work through (For low brass players out there, these would remind you of your Clarke-Gordon Technical Studies).

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